Sunday, April 21, 2013

Canada is studying for the charger jacket

Canada is studying a University changes color and shape as the sports clothes, as well as the clothing of the body's energy can be stored. This project is called Karma Chameleon, discoloration and deformation of the technology can be developed to be able own the shirt dresses and for charging the mobile oakleys
But this costume really still has a long way to go to market. Canada Concordia professor Joanna Berzowska said, although this costume at least twenty or thirty years ' time, but that is both realistic and fantastic, creating not just can sense heat and change the color of the shirt jacket, but a complex change, amazing costumes. cheap oakley sunglasses
Many researchers around the world are exploring a variety of shapes, forms of smart textiles. United Kingdom soldiers uniforms quickly by direct spinning electronic conductive yarns in the fabric instead of the bulky batteries and wiring; Hawaii with warm clothing in the winter, you can only wear a shirt, shorts; also has the shape of an expected equipment clothing control rests with the others instead of dressing himself.oakley outlet

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