Thursday, May 9, 2013

Professor of world's wealthiest: Google's first investor

Even on the Stanford University campus, Professor daweiqieruidun is little-known, to keep a low profile. Students rarely realize that this teacher professor turned out to be the richest in the world. Looks like he's always drinking tea bags repeatedly, and opened a vintage Honda cars around. "Yes, I want this effect. "Daweiqieruidun oakleys
Although people in Silicon Valley are almost all using standard like LinkedIn or Facebook, daweiqieruidun this not only ignores this, he even Twitter are not. In fact, the Professor is not a mortal-he is worth as much as $ 1.7 billion, one of the world's most affluent scholars. In 1998, Larry page and also at Stanford School xieergaibulin (the two Google founders) found daweiqieruidun, which demonstrate their entrepreneurship programs in the porch. Professor qieruidun and his friend andibeituoxiemu had issued a cheque for $ 100,000 on the spot to support this small company outside the dormitory, which is then oakley sunglasses
"Then, they encounter great difficulties in raising funds, I don't think this is a big problem. "Qieruidun recalled. Since then, he's become Google's first angel investor. Yahoo and Excite the company had shut out the Google algorithm, and thus missed a huge opportunity. In the Forbes billionaires list in March this year, daweiqieruidun became Canada's richest one of the 20 richest people. However, he never realized in the company's investment, has been living a quiet and simple life. "I think in terms of investment I was very lucky, but pay to my way of thinking on this issue with no different than a beggar. "He said.oakley outlet

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