Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jolly times ranged from spring to winter

He and his Master were sitting on the hillside, far away from the hum of men--as, in fact, they mostly cheap ray bans
were. His eyes were ranging over the valley to the skyline. "That's the way to look, my dear master," he appeared to be saying--"that's the way to look. Never run heel way. For you and me there is a future. Look ahead, and cast forward; never look behind!" To look ahead in ray bans sunglasses
the hey-day of youth is to look forward to unclouded happiness. And, no doubt, to Murphy and those of his own age, the fact that the summer waned and that autumn followed, when leaves fell mysteriously from the trees and there were sporting scents in the air, made little difference to their outlook. Happiness had no relation to the seasons: they were all fake ray bans
good in their turn. Jolly times ranged from spring to winter. And, perhaps, winter after all was best. It was on a winter day, in fact, that Murphy first made a mark in the mind of his Over-Lord, and it came about like this. The day before had been typical of late January. The sun had not shone since daybreak. The sky to the north was lead colour, and the wind was blowing through snow. If it froze on the north side of the hedgerows, it thawed on the south--the coldest condition of all. There were covered places for the dogs of the mill, with plenty of straw, and when one or two who had been out for a walk came in and said there would be snow before another morning dawned, those who heard the remark curled themselves tighter or drew closer to their more intimate friends. And as they slept and woke, and slept again, they saw the lights go out one by one, save those in the mill itself, for barges had come with loads of grain, and the mill was working all night.

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