Sunday, May 26, 2013

WWDC 2013: most look forward to Apple which product?

We believe Apple is supposed to be released on June 10 7 products:cheap oakley sunglasses
1.iPad Mini 2 Judging from the current situation, may not be at WWDC Apple new iOS devices can be released. Instead, the company will wait until iOS 7 was released and then update mobile product oakleys
However, we still hope that Apple can use of WWDC presentation released the second generation iPad Mini. According to various rumors, iPad Mini 2 will be similar to the previous generation product appearance, but will be powered by an upgraded retina display. IPad Mini 2 distributed through in June, Apple can obtain significant during the summer amid concerns about new hardware to help consumers ease iPhone 5S anxiety prior to release.oakley sunglasses cheap
2. working with Beats by Dr.Dre launch iRadio We remain confident that, has long been rumored Apple iRadio music streaming service will be officially unveiled next month. Of course, this assumes the premise that Apple has been able to reach a cooperation agreement with the record industry before. In March, there are rumors that Apple is working with Beats Electronics popular headphones manufacturers discussed cooperation. And Beats happens to have a streaming music service MOG, and is about to make major changes to the service during the year. One possibility is that Apple iRadio service may be combined with the MOG service.oakley sunglasses sale
How big is this possibility? May not be large. However, since Google (micro-blogging) has entered the music streaming service, Apple will need to make a similar service to create more hype. cheap oakley sunglasses

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